Avoid Transmission Failure

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Avoid Transmission Failure

No one wants the transmission in their vehicle to fail. The subsequent cost of repair or replacement can be an unwanted headache for any car owner. So how do you keep your transmission healthy?

Routine Maintenance Plans are Your Friend

Beneficial to the overall life of your vehicle, establishing a routine maintenance plan with your trusted mechanic shop will help not only maintain your vehicle but catch any issues while they’re still small. Having the same shop look at your car on a regularly scheduled basis will build historical knowledge of your vehicle. This means they will be more aware of the existing issues and concerns and be able to better service your vehicle.

This also means your transmission fluids will be checked and flushed regularly, which will prevent low fluid level issues and save you from future, larger repairs.

Riding the Brake Hurts Your Transmission

Did you know that your transmission has to work harder when you ride the brake as you drive? It’s true! While you obviously need to brake, reducing the intensity and frequency of pressing the pedal will lengthen the life of your transmission and engine.

Make sure you engage the emergency brake when parked on inclines. Also, using the emergency brake before putting your vehicle in the park is better for your transmission.

Stop Before You Roll

When you shift your automatic transmission from drive to reverse (or vice versa), ensure that you have brought your vehicle to a complete stop. When you don’t, you risk weakening or stripping the gears. This strain on the transmission can result in vibrations, slippage, or different shifting patterns. Or worse, your transmission could drop, leaving you unable to drive.

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Transmission problems can ruin your day and your bank account. Do your part to extend the longevity of your vehicle by following these steps. When you’re ready to get your car in for a check-up, or create a scheduled maintenance plan, call the knowledgeable transmission specialists at Yeoman Service Center for an appointment today!

Written by Donny Yeoman