Teen Driver, What Do You Know About Oil Changes?

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Teen Driver, What Do You Know About Oil Changes?

One of the hardest parts of parenting is teaching their child how to be a responsible driver. Of course, your parents taught you to wear a seatbelt and check your mirrors. They also taught you to come to a full stop at stop signs, use a turn signal, and even how to manage inclement weather or what to do after an accident. But how many of them have taught you not only how to change the oil in your vehicles but why it’s important that they make that an active part of their drive time?

If you haven’t done that, or maybe your teen needs a refresher, we’re here to help.

The Important Role of Oil

Motor oil is an important fluid for your vehicle. By lubricating all the moving parts in your engine, oil reduces the wear on the engine, prevents contaminants from disrupting function, cools all the parts that get hot with friction, and lets you drive no matter the weather, hot or cold (and everything in between). Another big thing? By using the right motor oil in your car, you can increase your fuel efficiency, which will save you money whenever you fill up at your favorite gas station.

Manufacturer’s Rules Matter

You can’t put just any motor oil in your car. Use the wrong one, and you could cause significant damage to your engine. So, pull the owner’s manual out of your glove box and see what they suggest. Another way to find out, especially if you’re using your parents’ car, is to ask what they use.

If they have a scheduled maintenance plan with a trusted auto mechanic shop, you could also go along and learn what they suggest. Especially since if it’s an older car with higher miles on it, they may have a better suggestion.

Should I Use a Synthetic Motor Oil?

What did your trusted adult say? While synthetic might sound like an unnecessary expense compared to conventional motor oil, the blends used in synthetics will not only help your car run smoother, but it’ll also be more fuel efficient.

Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor oil is made to decrease the normal wear and tear and better remove contaminants. And remember, better fuel efficiency means less money out of your pocket to pay for gas.

Sounds like a win-win!

Need Routine Maintenance?

Not all teens are interested in the messy but necessary task of oil changes. This is where a trusted auto mechanic shop, like Yeoman Auto Repair, can help. We can work with you and your parents to create a schedule of routine maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. Interested? Contact us today!

Written by Donny Yeoman