Three Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure

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Three Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure

Content: When your air conditioner isn’t working, it could be something as simple as a loose wire or clogged air filter. Or it could be something much worse and more expensive, like a big issue with your AC Compressor. While at the heart of your car’s system, the majority of issues can be prevented or corrected if caught early.

Three Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure

  1. Fluid Issues
  2. Refrigerants work to cool the air inside your car after it is pressurized by the compressor. However, if there is too little refrigerant in your system due to a leak or too much because an untrained person filled it beyond recommended capacity, this could be the end of your AC compressor.

    The suction lines are as important as refrigerant levels. A blockage can decrease the effectiveness of your AC unit. If this issue isn’t repaired, the increased pressure will lead to higher temperatures, which in turn will cause overheating and eventually a complete failure.

    If the AC compressor is the heart of the system, the proper oil lubricant should be considered its lifeblood. So, if your car doesn’t have enough oil running from the pump to lubricate it, your AC cannot work as it should. To prevent failure in the AC compressor, ensure a trusted, knowledgeable AC professional checks the levels.

  3. Debris & Build-up
  4. A dirty condenser coil won’t be able to remove enough heat from the system, which means it has to work harder and longer to cool. Unresolved, this issue will cause your AC compressor to overheat. But that’s not the only kind of debris that affects your compressor.

    Depending on where you drive or park your vehicle, the debris in the surrounding environment can also cause issues that will require AC compressor repair. From the elements to dirt and leaves, and even the output of birds and critters, all of these can bring contaminants to the AC system.

  5. Electrical Issues
  6. Damage to your electrical wiring can cause electrical failure and a visible acidic buildup. This affects not only the compressor but the entire AC system. If a trusted AC professional finds this kind of debris, there’s a real chance that the burnout has created system-wide damage. This damage is often cost-prohibitive, rendering your vehicle useless.

Prevention is Key

The first line of defense for your car care will always be routine maintenance. A worthy investment for your sanity and wallet, this will lessen the probability of an inconvenient AC compressor emergency. Build a solid relationship with a trusted professional like Yeoman Auto and stay ahead of your car’s needs.

Written by Donny Yeoman