Red Puddle Under Your Car?

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Red Puddle Under Your Car?

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Does Your Car Have a Transmission Fluid Leak?

Noticing puddles of fluid under your parked car might be a problem. While it could simply be water from your vehicle’s air conditioning system, puddles could potentially be a sign of more significant issues. If you see a red-colored puddle under your car, it may indicate transmission troubles. A transmission fluid leak resembles red or brown slippery oil. It may also smell burnt or sweet.

If this leak is accompanied by other strange symptoms, such as slipping or grinding gears, rough shifting, or an overheating gearbox, contact the ASE-certified transmission repair mechanics at Yeoman Service Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, right away. Driving with a failing transmission is dangerous and can lead to costly damages.

Why Is My Transmission Leaking?

Your vehicle’s transmission can start leaking fluid for a variety of reasons. Loose, broken, or worn-out seals are the most common culprits of a leaking transmission. These include the output shaft, shaft, and axle seals. Red transmission fluid can start leaking out if any of these get damaged.

Another reason your transmission might leak fluid is a problem with the fluid lines. This could be the result of road debris hitting and breaking your car’s transmission fluid lines. Heat can also be an issue.

It’s also essential to be able to identify other signs of transmission problems. These can include slipping or rough gear shifting, a sluggish transmission, grinding noises, an overheating gearbox, and burning smells. If you notice any of these problems, contact the ASE-certified auto repair technicians at Yeoman Service Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We can be reached at (260) 456-2169 and are conveniently located at 540 E Pettit Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46806.

Book Your Transmission Repair Appointment Today

If your car’s transmission is leaking, we recommend booking an automotive repair appointment as soon as possible. An extremely bad leak makes your vehicle unsafe to drive. It can also lead to bigger problems down the line.

The ASE-certified mechanics at Yeoman Service Center have provided top-notch transmission repair solutions to Fort Wayne, Indiana motorists since 1962. We will closely inspect your transmission, identify where the leak is coming from, and make the necessary repairs. This ensures you’ll get back on the road in a safe, well-performing car as soon as possible. If you notice red puddles under your car, contact us today at (260) 456-2169.

Written by Donny Yeoman